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Heroes of Padel is a padel simulator game , made by padel lovers and which tries to reflect all the rules, moves and tactics of this sport. It is also a fun and challenging game for game users.

In Heroes of Padel you can fully define the players on your team, faces, hair, shirts, pants, shoes, paddles, cap and even sunglasses.

You can play against 30 different opponents, each of them is better than the previous one so that you should improve your players in strength, speed and accuracy if you want to beat them all.

There are two play modes, exhibition game, where you choose your two opponents, or tournament. The tournament mode has 3 difficulty levels .

We have designed two padel courts, one ambiented in Argentina and one in Abu Dhabi (inspired by the match that played Federer and Agassi on the helipad of Burj Ai Arab, Dubai in 2005)

In future updates will be enabled a new way of playing the world tournament PVP (Player vs Player), in which users can play against teams from other users and gain positions in the world ranking. In addition, new padel courts and further improvements will be added.

It is the first game created by the company, based in Zaragoza and recently created by Javier Melus and Javier Minaya, who have a long history in the world of game development and 3D design respectively.



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